Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age group are these behavior contracts designed for?
A: Our teen contracts are specifically designed for teens and, in some cases, preteens. If you are looking for another set of contracts
that would work with both teens and younger children, then you might want to give the contracts on or a try.

Q: I purchased these contracts over 20 minutes ago and still have not received them. What is the deal?
A: There is a good chance that your contracts were redirected into your SPAM folder. Check your SPAM folder to see if they were indeed placed there. If you still cannot find them, please contact us and we will send them as quickly as possible via email (please include your email address in your message to assure it gets sent to the proper place). Another reason that you might not have received your download is if you made a mistake while typing in your email address. Simply contact us us with your confirmation number (or date of purchase) and we will resend your downloads via email.

Q: My printer is broken. Can you send these to me as a "hard copy"?
A: I'm sorry, but at this time we are unable to send these out via "snail mail"/USPS. An easy way to deal with this problem is to simply print the download off using another computer.

Q: I thought I'd be able to make changes to the contracts. Do you have an editable version of the contracts?
A: Yes, we do have an editable version of the contracts. We have a "basic" Microsoft Word version that can be sent out upon request. This version includes only the contracts, and not the rest of the downloads. Also, please note that the editable contracts look a bit different and are much more "basic" than the PDF version.

Q: What kinds of behavioral issues do the contracts cover?
A: Our contracts cover teen issues related to dating and socializing, attitude and appearance, driving, school, character, substance use, online behavior, cell phone use, and general household rules and expectations. Each teen contract is prewritten with expectations related to each of these topics.

Q: How will I receive my purchase?
A: After entering all of your credit card and billing information you will submit your information for processing. After approval of your credit card, which is usually instantaneous, you will receive an email receipt with your confirmation number. Your purchase will soon follow in another email as an email attachment in Adobe PDF format. Because the attachment is large in size your email may take up to 5 minutes for delivery. Please be patient and if after 5 minutes you still have not received your purchaseand we will be happy to send it to you manually.