I never would have expected the positive results we experienced! These teen contracts have made my job as a parent so much easier! Thanks!
—Vickie Johnson
Detroit, MI

Behavior Contracts for Teens

Behavior Contracts for Teens

Welcome to Teen Behavior Contracts   

 Are you the parent of a difficult or defiant teenager?
 Does your teen push limits or ignore household rules?
 Is your teen in need of more structure and consistency?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then you've come to the right place!

Our teen behavior contracts and teen discipline program will put you back in the driver's seat with regards to disciplining your teen or adolescent! Behavior contracts are an increasingly popular behavior management tool often put in place by parents and teachers to manage problematic behavior. The problem with utilizing a behavior contract, however, is that it is takes time and energy to create one...something that many parents and teachers don't always have. We've taken that step out of the equation!

TeenBehaviorContracts.com offers prewritten behavior contracts specifically designed to address teen and adolescent issues! Once purchased, these downloadable behavior contracts can be printed off and implemented within minutes!

Dealing with a negative attitude? Dating issues? Worried about your teen's driving or cell phone habits? School problems? Our contracts cover these topics and more!

Our prewritten teen contracts help to establish firm limits and clear expectations...two traits that are crucial when it comes to providing effective discipline! Our contracts also bring structure, consistency, and fairness to the "behavior management" process, thereby increasing the likelihood of improved behavior.

If you're a frustrated parent looking for solutions to your teen's negative behavior, then our teen behavior contracts may be just what you are looking for!

BONUS! Along with our ten (10) prewritten behavior contracts, you'll also receive a highly effective teen discipline program FREE with your purchase! And there's MORE! You'll also receive a set of 9 teen-specific parenting tools ready to be used as you see fit!

That's one heck of a deal! You get the contracts, the discipline program, and the parenting tools all in one package and for one incredibly affordable price! Click here to learn more about our teen behavior contracts.

Better behavior is only a signature away!!

Teen Behavior Contracts

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Teen Discipline Program
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