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Warning Signs for Substance Use/Abuse:

Dramatic change in attitude or personalityHangs out with a new group of friends / Rejects previous friends
Moodiness and irritabilityNo longer cares about appearance / Poor hygiene
Uncharacteristic hostility towards family membersDropping grades / Skipping classes / Truancy
Unusual emotional outburstsUnusually secretive or suspicious / Paranoid
Dramatic changes in sleeping and/or eating habitsSneaky and manipulative / Lies and steals / Dishonest
Frequently isolates in room / Withdrawn Lack of motivation / Excessive laziness
Possession of unusual or unexplained paraphernalia Red and/or glassy eyes / Frequent use of eye drops
Dramatic change in style of dressRuns away / Stays out past curfew / Makes excuses for not coming home
Has an overall "I don't care" attitude / Disregard for consequencesSlurred or forced speech
Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activitiesValuables around the house are missing
Unusual odor on clothes or in his/her bedroom / Alcohol on breath

Warning Signs for Violent Behavior:

Past history of violent and/or aggressive behaviorUncontrolled anger / Low frustration tolerance
Significant vandalism or destruction of propertyRegularly threatens or intimidates others / Bullies others
Family history of violence / Witness to abuse / Victim of abuse or violencePreoccupation with violence
Possession of weapons / Access to weaponsGang affiliation
Substance use/abuseExpression of violence in writings, artwork, conversations, internet chats, etc.
ImpulsivityFeelings of being rejected, picked-on, or being treated unfairly
Cruelty to animalsFire-setting
Disregard for the rights or feelings of others Delinquent behaviors / Serious discipline problems

Warning Signs for Depression:

Risky behaviorTeen Warning Signs
Expresses a negative or pessimistic view towards life
Frequent crying
Speech and movements are slower than usual
Drastic change in sleeping habits
Drastic change in eating habits
Lack or loss of interest in activities that are typically enjoyed
Negative attitude
Isolation from family and friends
Low energy, lack of motivation
Decrease in school performance
Self-mutilation, self-injury
Preoccupied with death
Suicidal comments
Poor eye contact